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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tough luck

So, currently i have one friend, one insomniac friend. Myself. I've been having this sleep disorder since i'm 17. Thanks to internet and television. They have been great help to mold me like this. 

I'm full. Fries at morning is really unhealthy diet. But i had this munchies right after i got home at 1 or 2 am. Kacang or kuaci did not working. Believe me, I've tried.

1st thing to do was to find something eatable in my kitchen. There are some foods that I'm 100% sure that the foods belong to my mother. I'll eat anything other than that. She's my mom. :)

Milo, Tongkat Ali, Old Town White Cafe, all 3 in 1 sachets that already been kept on the table so it's reachable and nobody will ransack my mum's kitchen just to find 1 packet of 3 in 1 Milo. She will get angry and I'm trying to be a Mithali son as long as I can. 

I am boiling some water. Open the tap water, fill some water into kettle and boil it. Simple step. I go straight to hall while waiting for water to boil. 5 minutes later, smokes coming out from kitchen. I ran to see what's going on and I laughed to myself for my stupidity. 'Salah bukak api kat kuali yang ada minyak masak, memanglah'. I open all the door and windows, full speed ceiling fan and using door as a fan. Ever try that?

old town white coffee
After that, I boiled it again and my Milo Old Town White Cafe combination beverage is ready. Macam cappucino McCafe kat Kota Damansara. I bring it to front to be served with Jacob's Weetameal Cracker. 

Prang Trang Tang!!

To no avail, lady luck was not on my side this time. My mug exploded. One the holder that still remain in my hand. To make things worse, my drink spilled all over the carpet. I'm doomed. Mencarut dalam hati banyak- banyak. 

I cleaned the carpet and wash all dishes inside the sink. I'm eligible bachelor who can do house chore. Whoo. I washed it all and start to fry fries that I take from refrigerator. 

I eat it up. It's been a long night. Very long, tired and unlucky night.


  1. OMG.. that a string of bad luck.. haha Kesian..

    1. tulah.. tapi dugaan kan? hadapi jela

  2. kesian nyer... gd story doh n follow u dah 175

  3. heheeee....what an unlucky nite....
    please sleep while others sleep :p


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