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Saturday, 16 June 2012

No One Die A Virgin

I'll pop your cherry gals. :)

Taboo. Tak malu betul. It shouldn't be talked openly because we're in a country that are full of eastern values and decent tradition. No, I'll will not be writing about it. Just as an imagery. Virgin is one without mistakes. :)

Today, everybody will try to please everyone that they met, talked and even barely know. Trying to be perfect so that clean image will be shining on them. Perfect people never ask for opinion (even if they exist) and if you're wearing that 'perfect' image, you'll always do mistakes

Making mistake is common thing to us, human. Even during our childhood time, our parent will taught us not to use left hand to eat. Tengok, siap ada orang betulkan lagi. But, as we getting older and berkedut, we're getting cocky and so sombong that sometimes, everything that we do,is unconditionally accepted as right thing to do. The best choice among thousandth more choices.

Teringat teka teki dari Jep Sepahtu, "Banyak- banyak air, air ape paling mahal?"

Jawapannya : Idea. (ikut sebutan melayu, not english please)

Ideas. Sedar tak sedar, as we go through the day, lot of ideas are coming to us every time we're about to make a decision, tak kisah lah daripada makcik cleaner, kawan yang selalu gelakkan kita takpun dari adik kita sendiri. When we're about not to listen to them, we're doomed. 

Then, to avoid from making more mistakes, we should seek professional or non professional advice from people who are close to us so mistakes made after making decisions will be minimum.

I remember dulu pernah pergi makan with my friend and his new girlfriend. We never met before and as always, i'm the one that will handling ice breaking session. But, as clock ticking, baru perasan yang my friend's girl punya gaya mengalahkan celebrity. She's like a beauty queen with full wardrobe and accessories on her body. But after exchanging words and sembang- sembang, actually this girl is having great appearance problem. She need help but she do not know how to ask people for opinions. After that, i give some quick tips and ' do and not to do' checklist. Laki dia pon dah makin sayang kat dia sejak hari tu. Bakat sebagai consultant image dah aku tambah dalam resume aku sejak hari tu.

Again, it's easier to ask people about what we will be doing, consciences only will not be enough and not to forget, solat istikharah.

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