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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Showdown 2011- 8TV episode 4

Selepas kejayaan dalam musim pertamanya,Showdown 2010 back with new season Showdown 2011 with more bboy and street dancers crews. Fuhh. I can't resist myself from loving this show. Are you with me? I am deciding to review every episode of Showdown 2011 starting from episode 4. Kinda late =( But, who care? I'll try to give exclusive review for every crews that make into TOP 12.

Introducing all-of-you-may-know official judges for Showdown 2011, Maple Loo and Joe Flizzow. Two of main trendsetters for dancing and hip hop scene in Malaysia. Who agree when i said that Joe resembles Jay-z? Idolize two of them? You can go to their blog. Just click any of their name here.

Emcee. Master of ceremony. Or whatever title it is. No one is will be better emcee other than our own Hafiz Hatim. FlyFm Dj, Puma representative. What else to say. He's perfect for Showdown 2011.

Enough intro, lets go straight to the ruff. Showdown Episode 4 bring 23 dance crews to fight for seats in TOP 12. Surely, it's not kid's game. It's last chance to proof the judges they're fit to it.

These are the dance crews who made their way to The Meltdown. The 23 crews are, Panic, Fulamak Crew, Syko Breakers, Force 136, Da Last Minute Crew, Centreline, EGS Monster, JB Breaker Crew, Bounce Stepperz, Monster Gangz, X13, 1 Reason Crew, Project Elementz, Zoopa Fresh, Dejavu Breakers, Borneo Crew, Elecoldxhot, Blazin Squad, HMC Phlow, Roku Steps, Stepholic and Soulution.

They are needed to dance without seeing the judges. Several crews found it to be hard. Two were surprisingly eliminated due to their weak performances, one team back out after the show due to injury and another two crews were eliminated after the shows.

To be different this time, all the remaining dance crews were needed to train at the beach. Where Bboy Zero and Boojae will be conducting new routines for them. Bboy will be conducted by Boojae from Floor Fever to bring them street dance and Zero will be "breaking" the street dancer with his routine.

Boojae form Floor Fever

Zero from GBC
They practice and will be performing at Mont Kiara Extreme Park. Some dance crews were heavily criticized by Maple Loo for performing something boring and syok sendiri. While the other crews do their routines beautifully and prove their strong skills. The TOP 12 are  Force 136, Deja Vu, Soulution,HMC Phlow, Elecoldxhot, EGS Monster, Panic, Bounce Stepper, Rokustep, Borneo Crew, Stepholic and Blazin Squad. Well done guys, See it on 8tv, every Wednesday, 9.30 pm.

- aku rasa some of the crews perlu kemaskan lagi steps, terutama tangan. Nampak bersepah dan lembik. Kena train with beat and step supaya tak tertinggal dengan crew member yang lain.Tonton Showdown 2011 di http://www.tonton.com.my/
-all pictures are credited to 8tv and other personalities site


  1. I tak pandai menari.. ahahahaha

  2. @Cerita Saya, boleh belajar slow2. check showdown 2011 official site, ade ajar kat situ

  3. untuk tengok boleh la. tapi kalau menari macam mereka.tu yang tak mampu ;p

  4. tetibe entri ni skipping london. terkojut jap. haha...

    anyways.... i do agree with you. hafiz is perfect to be the host for this show. english fluent gle n ada gaya la dia mengacara.

    cuba bygkan awal atau paknil yg handle showdown?

    ok... rebah pitam kejap! hahaha... just kidding...

  5. @shandye. skipping? cmne tu? haha.. memangla xssuai..


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