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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

View on Love and Relationship : Men can't never win.

Women vs Men. Never ending question of which one is more dominant. But today, it's all about the relationship between a man and woman. Hard truth about women and complications that will happened when you start involving yourself.

Ever been in love? No one need to answer these question. Try this

If you never ever think of killing your girlfriend, no, you are never in love. If you never hold a box of rat poison and looked at it for about 30 minutes, you have never been in love. And only one thing that stopped you from killing her is episodes of CSI.They will find out later. You'll get pawned.

We both know that for a relationship to work, we need to focus. Yeah. all of us know what is the focus. But, for a relationship to work, we need to focus on same thing. We need to focus on HER. It is all about her.
When you wake up in the morning, you looked at yourself in mirror and said " Forget about plans, forget about drift, forget about football and friends.". Let's just go out and make her happy.

One more thing bros, DON'T ARGUE. We can't never win. We can never beat women in arguments. We're handicapped to argue because we have a need to make sense. Women will argue with emotion and irritations and a little of sense. Keep that in mind.

Do your best in making woman happy. But people will never give what actually make women happy because there are nothing such as happy woman. THEY WILL NEVER BE HAPPY. It's impossible. Women will always complaint, they complaint almost about everything. They love it. No matter what do you do, she'll get mad at you. Imagine.

When you are working all the time, she'll say 'Why do work all the time? Why you leave me alone at home. I'm not statue just wait for you at home'.

When you are home all the time, she'll say 'Why you never leave me for a while and go out? Leave me some space, i need to breathe'.

If you're making more money than her, she'll say 'I want to make decision too. You are not my daddy to take care of me. I can my own things. I'm not your wealth'.

If she's making more money than you, she'll say 'YOU'RE BROKE M*****KER. You always have no money. I always make the decisions and take care of myself. I should live with my daddy'.

BUT BROS, the #1 reason why women always mad at you is.

 you're not his first choice

Come on fellas, have you ever notice your woman ever looked at you and not saying a word? And the thing that she has in mind is "HOW i am ever hooked up with this ugly, irritating, hateful m****ker". 

Truth huh?

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